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Master 2 Mention Chimie Parcours R4 -LIGHT S&T (EUR)



du 01 sept. 2021 au 31 août 2022  - Talence (33)
du 01 sept. 2021 au 31 août 2022  - Talence (33)
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Objectif de la formation

The main objective of the training offered is to prepare students for an entry into working life as a manager in the fields of chemistry: molecular and materials chemistry, physical chemistry, environmental chemistry and ecotoxicology, quality, hygiene and safety. It also provides access to the preparation of the PhD degree in Chemistry.
In addition, this mention includes three international courses, one on physico
- chemistry and physical chemistry and two in the field of materials. These courses materialize the desire of the chemistry community to open up as much as possible to the international scene.

Description de la formation

The international Master in light sciences and technologies is part of the UB Graduate School in Light Sciences and Technologies selected as a French Excellence Initiative. It provides a multidisciplinary environment for first
- class research and education as well as for the generation of knowledge and innovation in light Sciences and Technologies.
o Integrated and trans
- disciplinary education program provided by academic and industrial experts, embedded in the Bordeaux cross
- fertilizing research environment, and adapted to the professions of tomorrow in photonics industries ?
o An intersectoral and immersive training for students, thanks to the strong involvement of 13 research laboratories and the industrial R&D centers of the field?
o An extensive hands
- on training to give the graduates the most valuable professional attributes, given in state of the art research facilities and ?infrastructures ?
o Dual Master degree opportunities with Canada and IOGS
o International mobility and/or training in industry
o Support from the International Masters program within the Bordeaux "Initiative of Excellence" and the French National Research Agency.
Every student will also benefit during the four semesters of an individual tutorship program. Innovation and entrepreneurship transversal trainings will also be proposed.
After graduation, students are fully prepared to pursue doctoral studies and a career in research. They may also work as scientists or R&D engineers within the industrial field.
Associated business sectors:
o Light sources
o Laser processing and 3D manufacturing
o Sensors and multi
- responsive detection systems?
o Smart and reconfigurable integrated photonics systems based on innovative hybrid nanotechnologies
o Optical components and devices manufacturing
o Innovative optical materials
o Pharmaceutical companies (drug screening and testing)
o Bio
- imaging
Academic research domains:
o Extreme Regimes of Light?
o Light Generation Manipulation & Detection
o Light Imaging & Biophotonics
Other possible activities:
o Teaching, education and dissemination of scientific knowledge.
o Linking public and private actors in research, development and marketing
o Participating in the purchase and investment of scientific equipment
Erasmus Mundus : Parcours FAME
Autre accord européen ou international : EIT Advanced Materials Innovation / IDS FunMat / KIC Raw Matters
Stage à l'étranger ou semestre de mobilité : Possibilité de stage M2 à l'étranger; soutenance et rapport en Anglais.
Autre dispositif d'internationalisation : Possibilité de rédaction de rapports et de soutenances de stages en Anglais NB : Accords
To learn more about the content, follow this link : https://www.u
- bordeaux.fr/formation/2019/PRMA_61/chimie

Conditions d'accès

Bac+4 dans le domaine Sciences, Technologies, santé
Sur dossier pour autres diplômes et VAE / VAP
L'accès en deuxième année est ouvert aux candidats titulaires de 60 crédits du Master ou après validation d'un diplôme du domaine correspondant.
Bac +4 in Science, Technology, Health
On file for other diplomas and VAE / VAP
Access to the second year is open to candidates holding 60 credits of the Master's degree or after validation of a diploma from the corresponding field.

Donne accès au(x) métier(s) suivant(s)

Recherche en sciences de l'univers, de la matiere et du vivant (voir la fiche métier)

Et après la formation ?

Retour à l'emploi des anciens stagiaires


Les questions à poser avant de choisir un centre de formation
  • Quels sont les profils des anciens stagiaires (niveau de formation, expérience professionnelle) ?
  • Est-il possible de visiter le centre ?
  • Quel type de public accueillez-vous en formation (salariés, demandeurs d’emploi, particuliers) ?
  • Peut-on obtenir une liste de ces anciens stagiaires pour les interroger sur cette formation ?
  • Comment aidez-vous les stagiaires à trouver un emploi ?


Lieu de formation

Collège Sciences et Technologies
351 cours de la libération

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Centre de formation

Bâtiment A21 - RDC 351 cours de la Libération
33400, Talence