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econométrie, statistiques. - master (m2) mention econométrie, statistiques parcours type statistics and econometrics


Durée de la formation

Durée 200 heures
En entreprise 100 heures
En centre 100 heures


du 01 sept. 2019 au 31 déc. 2020  - Toulouse (31)
du 01 sept. 2019 au 31 déc. 2020  - Toulouse (31)
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Objectif de la formation

The Master 2 in Statistics and Econometrics is open to students who have already acquired a solid grounding in economics and / or mathematical statistics. It consists of general classes in mathematical statistics and econometrics and specialised classes in various fields of application. The objective of the course is firstly to provide students with a solid culture in the major areas of applied statistics. Acquiring this culture clearly has to go hand
- in
- hand with learning how to handle various software applications, with a particular focus on SAS, R and Matlab. Students will also acquire IT skills in database management. Options are available to help them gain a further insight into applications in a number of fields, not least the tertiary sector.This course is intended to lead to careers in statistical studies, actuarial studies, quantitative analysis and biostatistics. Students tend to go into the banking and insurance industries, marketing, service companies and research consultancies.

Description de la formation

Program 2018-2019The students must carry out a mandatory internship of at least 4 months from April onwards with an oral academic viva at the beginning of September. All classes are taught in English.SEMESTRE 3Data Mining Survey sampling Time seriesStatistical ConsultingStatistical Software : SAS, R, Python and ExcelFLE (only for foreign students)English (only for french speaking students)Professional developmentOptional 2 among 3:Option 1:Lifetime data analysisPanel data analysisOption 2:Econometrics of qualitative variablesEconometrics of Marketing Option 3:Non
- parametric modelsOutlier detection and extreme value theoryNon
- Mandatory:Professional Development Algebra Refresher Probability Refresher Dynamic Refresher Datanomics : regulation of data spreading and data protection SEMESTRE 4Statistical ConsultingBig DataScoringEnglish (only for french speaking students)Internship or master thesisOptional 2 among 3:Option 1:Complex Structure Data Analysis : TheoryComplex Structure Data Analysis : ApplicationOption 2: Spatial econometricsGeomarketing Option 3:Data basesWeb Mining Bonus point:To practice a sport or a musical activity within the University orchestra during the year can give you bous points. Only point above 10/20 are recorded More information: https://www.tse
- fr.eu/master
- 2-statistics
- and
- econometrics
- international
- track


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