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Droit international - Mention :Master - Parcours :Master mention droit international et droit européen parcours ESLToulouse-LLM International Economic Law (MINTEC)


Durée de la formation

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du 01 sept. 2021 au 30 sept. 2023  - Toulouse (31)
du 01 sept. 2021 au 30 sept. 2023  - Toulouse (31)
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Objectif de la formation

Semesters 1 and 2 aim at giving students a thorough knowledge of the private and public aspects of international and European legal issues.The programme offers a comparative perspective focuses on methodology with a view to providing the students with the tools needed to hold positions as lawyers in an international and European context.A study trip to Brussels is organised for students to discover the European Institutions.Semesters 3 and 4 aim at giving students a thorough knowledge of international economic legal issues. According to the French grading system the master s degree is a national diploma recognised in the European Union countries and which is equivalent to a Legum Magister LL.M. . The program focuses mainly on the study of the World Trade Organization of the European Union in an economic perspective and of international economic development. The MINTEC also aims at providing students with some basic knowledge of international law contracts and markets regulations. Another study trip will be organised as part of this programme.The two semesters are composed of mandatory courses.Two tracks are available the Research track and the Professional track.Students opting for the Research track must write a master s thesis. When the programme is successfully completed students who have chosen this track may apply for a PhD.Students opting for the Professional track must do an internship minimum 2 months eq. 308 hrs and write a report. Capacity 30 students max.

Description de la formation

PROGRAM SEMESTER 1 30 ECTS 245h30UE1 Introduction to European Union law
- 30hrs
- 4.5 ECTSUE2 International and European criminal law
- 30hrs 4.5 ECTSUE3 Fundamental rights
- 30hrs
- 4.5 ECTSUE4 Private international law
- 30hrs
- 4.5 ECTSUE5 Introduction to legal system
- 30hrs
- 4.5 ECTSUE6 Public international law
- 30hrs
- 4.5 ECTSUE7 French or intensive English for French speakers
- 12 5hrs
- 3 ECTSUE8 Non
- assessed courses Conferences on legal cultures
- 35hrsLegal research
- 3hrsFrench and European culture and civilization
- 15hrsSEMESTER 2 30 ECTS 238hUE9 Contract law
- 30hrs
- 4.5 ECTSUE10 International and European Law
- 30hrs
- 4 ECTSUE11 Internal Market 30hrs 4.5 ECTSUE12 International Dispute Resolution
- 30hrs
- 4 ECTSUE13 Module
- 12 ECTSLaw and economics
- 15hrs
- commerce Law
- 15hrs
- 2 ECTSCompany Law
- 15hrs
- 2 ECTSIntellectual and Industrial Property
- 15hrs
- 2 ECTSInternational Labour Law
- 15hrs
- 2 ECTSUE14 French or intensive English for French speakers
- 12 5hrs
- 3 ECTSUE15 Non
- assessed courses Conferences on legal cultures 30 5hrsSEMESTER 3 45 ECTS 244 hours6 units UE to be chosen among the 8 following ones UE1 European Law 36 hours 7.5 ECTS Fundamental European Law 18hrsSpecialized European Law 1 Single Market amp Foreign Goods Services amp Foreigners 9hrsSpecialized European Law 2 Selected Issues of EU Competition Law 9hrsUE2 International Trade Law 36 hours 7.5 ECTS International Trade Organisations and Financial Institutions 18hrsSpecialised Course in International Trade Law 9hrsSpecialised Course in International Finance Law 9hrsUE3 International Business Law 36 hours 7.5 ECTS Fundamental International Business Law Compliance and Corporate Social Responsibility 18hrsSpecialised International Business Law 1 International Commercial Arbitration 9hrsSpecialised International Business Law 2 International Tax Law 9hrsUE4 Public International Law 36 hours 7.5 ECTS Fundamental Public International Law 18hrsSpecialised Public International Law 1 Litigation aspects State Immunities amp Investor
- State Arbitration 9hrsSpecialised Public International Law 2 International Criminal Law 9hrs UE5 Private International Law 36 hours 7.5 ECTS Fundamental Private International Law 18hrsSpecialised Private International Law 1 PIL in a global context 9hrsSpecialised Private International Law 2 European PIL OR Comparative PIL 9hrsUE6 Contract Law 36 hours 7.5 ECTS Comparative Contract Law 18hrsNegociations and Drafting of Contracts 9hrsEuropean Contract Law 9hrsUE7 Company Law 36 hours 7.5 ECTS International Company Law 18hrsPracticing in International Companies 9hrsEuropean Company Law 9hrsUE8 International Economic law 36 hours 7.5 ECTS Fundamental International Economic Law 18hrsSpecialised International Economic Law 1 Digital Governance in an International Context 9hrsSpecialised International Economic Law 2 Law and Development 9hrs UE9 28 hours
- Non assessed
- English OR French language
- Documentary researchesSEMESTER 4 15


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