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Droit européen - Mention :Master - Parcours :Master (M2) mention Droit International et Droit Européen parcours type ESLToulouse-LLM Comparative & European Private International Law (CEPIL)


Durée de la formation

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du 01 sept. 2021 au 31 déc. 2022  - Toulouse (31)
du 01 sept. 2021 au 31 déc. 2022  - Toulouse (31)
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Objectif de la formation

This second year of Master in Comparative and European Private International Law CEPIL provides a research master s degree.It is entirely taught in English and has been set up in September 2011 by a cooperation agreement between the Université Toulouse 1 Capitole and the University of Dundee in Scotland.This programme is a double degree giving the chance to the students into it to be graduated of a Master 2 and a LL.M Latin Legum Magister in the same time. The French Master is issued after having spent the first semester in the Université Toulouse 1 Capitole and the LL.M after the second semester in the University of Dundee. The LL.M certificate is presented during a graduation ceremony taking place in the University of Dundee.This kind of programme remains unusual in France because of the cross competences reflexes methodology and knowledge necessary to the Internationalisation and especially Europeanisation of private law situations and regulations. The LL.M is a diploma globally recognised in particularly in the English countries. The graduation implies to write a short thesis in English according to the regulation of the University of Dundee. In the French system the master program is divided into two years Master 1 first
- year of Master and Master 2 second
- year of Master . It is possible to apply either for Master 1 or Master 2. Capacité d accueil La capacité d accueil pour le parcours Comparative and European Private International Law est fixée à 25 places.Etablissements cohabilitésUniversity of Dundee

Description de la formation

Module 1 Private international law Core competencies 48hrs 10 ECTS
- Private international law
- Fundamental rules and principles 24hrs
- European Private international law 12hrs
- Introduction to comparative Private international law 12hrs
Module 2 Private international law Specific competencies 48hrs 10 ECTS
- Family Property in an International Context 12hrs
- International Sale of Goods 12hrs
- International Intellectual Property Law 12hrs
- International criminal law
- 12hrs
Module 3 European Law 48hrs 10 ECTS
- European Insolvency law 12hrs
- European business law 12hrs
- Personal Data Protection 12hrs
- European Consumer Law 12hrs
Module 4 International Legal Skills
- Conferences in European and International law and politics 10hrs
- Philosophical aspects of law 6hrs
- Other conferences
- 4hrs
- Legal English 15hrs
- Project management SEMESTER 2 UNIVERSITY OF DUNDEE 30 ECTS UNIT 3 40hrs
Module 1 PIL
- Common Law Perspectives
Module 2 and 3 to choose amongst the following
- International Dispute Resolution
- Corporate Governance
- IP Law
- Cross
- border Tax Law
- Competition Law
- Banking and Financial Services Law
- Private International Law of Family Matters
- Oil and Gas Law. LL.M s thesis The student must produce a research thesis written in English. The topics will be chosen from a list made by the University of Dundee in association with the UT1. This thesis has to be submitted by August according to the examination rules in the University of Dundee.This work does not lead to an oral defence. A professional internship is still possible but optional.


Master (LMD)

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UT1 Capitole

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2 rue du Doyen Gabriel Marty

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