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aéronautique et espace - master international air transport operations management


Durée de la formation

Durée 200 heures
En entreprise 100 heures
En centre 100 heures


du 01 sept. 2019 au 31 déc. 2020  - Toulouse (31)
+ autres sessions
du 01 sept. 2019 au 31 déc. 2020  - Toulouse (31)
du 01 sept. 2019 au 31 déc. 2020  - Albi (81)

Objectif de la formation

ObjectivesThe MSc in IATOM has been designed to emphasise the application of up
- to
- date engineering and management concepts or methods of the aeronautical and aviation industry. The full
- time two
- year Master in IATOM aims at providing the technical and management expertise necessary to a future manager in an international company. It provides graduates with in
- depth knowledge in aeronautical engineering, aeronautical project management and technology management, to be able to meet the aeronautical industry demands in terms of the innovative engineers they need to strengthen and develop their business. The Master in IATOM offers a comprehensive teaching programme with a strong scientific background, aeronautical and aviation engineering, legal, social environment, the economy and project management enabling graduates to get junior management positions in the aeronautical industry, airlines, airports or civil aviation authorities: flight operations engineer, aircraft performance engineer, maintenance manager, airlines operations planning, marketing manager, etc. Project management currently forms the backbone of the Master IATOM concerns.
Presentation :The Master of Science in IATOM is a two year
- degree accredited by the French Ministry of Education for those students who hold a Bachelor degree in a relevant subject. Located in Toulouse, a major centre for science and technology and the European aviation capital, ENAC is a gateway to air transport worldwide, recognised by ICAO and major civil aviation organisations as one of the world's leading air transport educational institutions.


Master (LMD)

Donne accès au(x) métier(s) suivant(s)

Ajustement et montage de fabrication (voir la fiche métier)

Montage-assemblage mecanique (voir la fiche métier)

Maintenance d'aeronefs (voir la fiche métier)

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7 avenue Edouard Belin
BP 54005
31400, Toulouse

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